Although clothing can be found in virtually every style in our modern society, putting together a unique look can still be difficult. Fine designer jewelry is great for special occasions and daily wear, but fashion jewelry steps in when it is time to take your outfit up a notch. A fantastic long bead necklace or a tough leather cuff bracelet changes an ensemble and adds your personality to the mix. With so many jewelry trends changing and evolving every day, it can be difficult to decide which fashion jewelry you need. Use our tips to choose jewelry for your collection.
Gemstones such as diamonds and rubies are regularly used in jewellery because they are both rare and unique. For the same reasons these beautiful stones come with enormous price tags which means that there use is reserved for jewellery that marks special occasions, e.g. engagement rings and for luxury products. I am sure that you will have noticed that many items of costume and fashion jewellery are often described as containing semi-precious gems and that there prices are remarkably less. So what exactly are these semi-precious gems? Well like all gemstones they are naturally occurring and mined from in the ground which means that they have all the uniqueness of diamonds as no two pieces are the same.
What defines semi-precious is more to do with the quality and availability of the stones than their actual chemical make up. In fact even some rubies and diamonds can be sold as cheaper semi-precious grade. So semi-precious stones have all the natural beauty of gemstones but because they are not as rare they are able to be sold at much lower prices and this makes them perfect for use in handmade costume jewellery where they can enhance unique and personal items.

How much fashion jewelry do I need?
ustAs much as you need to express yourself. Some women choose j a few key fashion accessories to wear with their fine jewelry, while others love to collect fashion designer jewelry in every category. Several necklaces, a few bangle and cuff bracelets, a handful of dangling earrings and one or two cocktail rings will get you through the week in style. Men typically wear less jewelry, but a nice ring, a fashionable bracelet and a cool chain necklace will all add to your collection.