Our skilled artisans work passionately to turn our designs into reality. Each artisan puts an immense amount of hard work, skills and concern to create something special and unique for you. This is why our jewels impart a personal human touch which is something missing in a machine made jewelry.

Kundan Meena is an amalgam of an art form & a jewelry style. Kundan Meena is the literal Hindi translation of Enameling, which a handcrafted work of fusing a myriad of colors in Gold, while Kundan is the literal Marwari translation of 24K Pure Gold, which when united on a piece of jewelry, make a handcrafted piece of art, in the form of jewelry, known as Kundan Meena. The Meenakari is an ancient form of Persian Art, which was also prevalent in Ancient Rajasthani Architecture & is seen in the royal Havelis (royal mansions) of Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaipur & Udaipur. While Kundan is also refered to a form of traditional Rajasthani form of jewelry, which uses pure gold foils & lac to set gemstones in a setting of pure gold.

These 2 arts were combined during the Reign of the Kingdoms in India, & later flourished during the Mughal reign in India, which proliferated as the now famous Kundan Meena Jewelry.


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