India is the origin of several precious stones and gemstones like diamond, emerald etc. Polki is a kind of diamond that is also originated in India. Very few peoples are aware with the word “Polki”. A diamond that is uncut is identified as a polki diamond. Polki diamonds are mined from earth in a natural way and there is no enhancement, never lab created or synthetic whatsoever. Due to its natural property, it is always in high demand in international market. It always maintains its value and market price since it is also considered good for investment point of view.

Polki are used in making jewelry from ancient times in India. The jewelry made of polki looks very beautiful and gives a touch of traditional flavor. Since polki are uncut and natural diamonds hence they have fewer fire or brightness when it is compared with fully cut diamonds. A jewelry made of polki is treated with great honor and seemed upon more as heirloom pieces to pass on from one generation to another generation. Polki is considered as the symbol of emotions, love and memories.

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